Hauturu: the history, flora and fauna of Te Hauturu-o-Toi / Little Barrier Island


Published in 2019 with funding from the Trust, Hauturu: The history, flora and fauna of Te Hauturu-o-Toi Little Barrier Island tells the story of Hauturu, accompanied by around 400 beautiful colour plates. Co-edited by prolific conservationist and long-time advocate for Hauturu Dick Veitch and the Hauturu Supporters Trust’s former chair Lyn Wade, Hauturu is now the definitive text on Aotearoa New Zealand’s oldest, and perhaps most significant, nature reserve.

Hauturu holds a special place in the minds of all New Zealanders interested in preserving our country’s unique natural heritage. The book updates, and expands on, WM Hamilton’s 1961 The Little Barrier Island:  (Hauturu). Lyn Wade (Bill Hamilton’s daughter) spent many childhood holidays on Hauturu and has had a lifelong connection with the island.

Written by experts across a range of fields, there are detailed chapters on the island’s plant and animal species, and the efforts to protect them, its geology and the seas around it, along with comprehensive species lists, all helping to convey the immense biodiversity of the island.

The story of Hauturu is not just of its wildlife, but of the people who have lived and worked there. There are chapters on its early history, its beginnings as the country’s first nature reserve, and the conservation work that has been going on there for over 100 years.



CATEGORY: Natural history
ISBN: 9780995109582
PUBLISHER: Massey University Press
IMPRINT: Massey University Press
PUBLISHED: 12/09/2019
FORMAT: Soft cover

About the Editors

Lyn Wade

Lyn Wade has been a member of the Little Barrier Island (Hauturu) Supporters’ Trust since its inception in 1997; she has been a trustee since 2005 and is the current chairperson. Lyn is a registered nurse and has a Diploma in Conservation Management from Northtec and a Bachelor of Applied Science, Biodiversity Management from Unitec. Her first visit to Hauturu was in 1956 alongside her father, Bill Hamilton, in the course of researching his DSIR Bulletin 137 ‘Little Barrier Island (Hauturu)’. Lyn has made multiple visits to the island in various capacities since then. In 2018 Lyn was awarded a QSM for her services to conservation, in particular for work she has done on Te Hauturu-o-Toi.

Dick Veitch

Dick Veitch spent his working career with the New Zealand Wildlife Service, now part of the Department of Conservation. After completing a Wildlife Traineeship he worked in various positions around the country with the final goal of work on the northern offshore islands. His work as a threatened species officer took him to most parts of New Zealand, its outlying islands and quite a few other islands around the world. His first contact with Hauturu was with the team carrying out the capture and transfer of kiwi to Pōnui Island, where they now thrive. He later managed the cat eradication project, transfer of hihi to other islands, the return of tīeke to Hauturu and the transfer of kōkako from North Island forests to Hauturu. Dick is now retired, but is still actively involved with restoration projects on Hauturu.


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