Image Credit: Andris Apse

Hauturu is home to around 1,700 plant species and, over 40 breeding species of birds including a massive seabird population.

From a research perspective, this combination of size, elevation, type and extent of forest cover provides the only opportunity to study interactions between plants, invertebrates, reptiles, birds and bats that were once a feature of mainland forests – a vital ecological baseline for New Zealand’s natural environment and what it can be.

The only two mammalian pest species to reach Hauturu (kiore – (Pacific rats), and feral cats) were eliminated by 2004. The island’s pest-free status has increased its significance as a nature reserve. While there are larger pest-free island sanctuaries, they are in very remote locations with extreme climates.

Image Credit: Liz Whitwell


In 1895, Hauturu-ō-Toi / Little Barrier Island became New Zealand’s first Nature Reserve.

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Few people have the opportunity to get to Hauturu, with access heavily restricted and landing prohibited except by permit. This is to protect the island’s ecosystem.

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Image Credit: Liz Whitwell

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